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We developed a method to determine a person’s chelation ability

(how well they are coping with Ionic Metals) and also developed an answer to the Ionic Heavy metal problem in the form of CH77.

This product is non-toxic and can be added to drinking water. It chelates all Heavy Metals, makes them electronically neutral, which means that the body can use the metals it needs (calcium, iron, zinc, copper etc). and eliminates those it does not (mercury, cadmium, lead etc).

If a person cannot chelate ionic metals (lock them onto an amino acid, for example, which “neutralises” the electric charge) her or his chelation ability must be improved. This can be achieved by various means. The best way we have found so far is CH77, a chelation agent which has been clinically tested for efficacy and toxicity. The IHMT allows us to monitor the success of a therapy that practitioner and patient may decide on.

Here is a sample statement. If the rest does not show a green urine sample, or at least a greatly reduced colour after administering the ‘chelation agent’. The method used to eliminate ionic metals may not work.

The basic heavy metal test was evaluated by the University of Newcastle (Department of Chemistry), Australia in 1990. We changed the initial concept and had the ‘chelation test’ evaluated again in 2002. Comments where: amazingly accurate for such a simple procedure’.

The IHMT is use in many countries of the world by medical doctors, dentist and alternative health practitioners. It is the only system of its’s kind which allows to test for chelation ability. Other Systems (hair analysis often uses atomic absorption Spectro photometry electron stripping etc) do not distinguish between ionic heavy metals and chelated metals. The health practitioner and Patient will get a general overview of the metal, status-but it is rather difficult to monitor therapy results and therapy progress and especially to become aware of the chelation ability of a person or patient.

The IHMT is clearly revealing to us the real time situation. i.e. what is happening in our body right now and how do we react to chelation for example with CH77.